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Kim Brebach

Hello Kim

You are spot on, with your critique of Penfolds Bin Reds & Icon releases.
The PR & marketing bull shit coming out of TWE/Penfolds is reaching 'fairy tale' level these days. The trouble is, there is a growing gap, seen from our local historical perspective, between their PR spin and actual reality (of wine sophistication).

Is it true, Penfolds new corporate strategist is Lance Armstrong??
Certainly their wines are on ' protein enhancers ' for they are far too bulky in terms of excesses .....excess ripeness(too sweet), excess extraction, excess wood, excess alcohol, block buster framed and All wrapped in bling PR/marketing.
But, these Penfolds wines are not for us, that is the Australian market any longer. They are for the China, and American market, where TWE see their best take-over share price offer coming from, with large director bonuses of course.

These wines aren't refined.
They will become ' celebrity ' wines soon with actors promoting the brand. They have well-and-truly become Parkerised/Americanised, sweetened and confrontational to a European or an experienced palate. On the other hand, we in Oz have been trained up (actually dumbed down ) to like sugar sweetness in our food these days. Just look at our local obesity rate now. So, Penfolds is merely gearing up a world brand, just like the wines in the LVMH stable are to this Super Icon marque, but based on pleasing the sugar corrupted palate rather than sophistication.

Everything changes Kim, even the true resistance to the ' Dark Force ' of Americanised world culture...... the French, are succumbing to change. Bordeaux wine is becoming over extracted, higher in alcohol, and sweeter, so they say, to be competitive with the Americans and Australians
What do we do ????

Our future is not with Penfolds....China Inc.

Very Best Regards
Jeffrey Daley

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