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tack vs. tact.

Let's take a new tack on that.

The gradual loss of irregular verbs.
I lit the lamp - I lighted the lamp
She spelt it incorrectly - she spelled it incorrectly
he shone the light - he shined the light


Wow! I left my comment and went to read Crikey Weekend. First article I read has this -

His features remained fixed in his trademark smug smirk. I could see that the appeal to his love of architecture, suave and cosmopolitan though he looked in a black tuxedo was a futile pursuit. I changed tact.

Kim Brebach

That's a riot, mate. The second sentence is quite a challenge structurally speaking. Changing tact is not something I was ever very good at. An appropriate response to the author would be something like: 'You really know you're shit!'


Motogp commenting on Casey Stoner's return to racing:

even if they have to duck-tape me to the bike

Kim Brebach

Great quote, thanks for sharing.
P.S.: I thought he'd just announced his retirement


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