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Will they also inject some into your veins, with a suggestive bottle shape like that?

I think this whole "Australia's Most Expensive Wine" thing has gone a little too far with the tit-for-tat over the last couple of years. But is 12 bottles (sorry, ampoules) a little too limited a release to make a proper impact? And at that price, I reckon all you'll have are a few tycoons and a load of pervs making goo-goo eyes at it.

That it's done up like a work of art is also an unnecessary distraction. If it's good enough to merit such a price tag, then just let it stand on its own two feet.

Kim Brebach

I couldn't agree more strongly, Julian.
That said, if I had $168,000 to spend on art works or wine, I'm sure I'd easily find more rewarding targets.

liquor online

That must be some ridiculously amazing wine. I don't think it'd have a huge price tag like that otherwise.

Kim Brebach

The wine is pretty special - it's from a small block of Caberent vines 100 years old in a corner of the Kalimna vineyard. But it's still only wine. The artwork is what you pay for here ... sorry not you or me but some Russian oligarch who wants to impress his friends.

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