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Rob Mitchell

Interesting review, I agree that sub $25 pinot is only likely to ever be a creditable wine. However if the wines are failing to meet expectation based on reviews I can see a couple of reasons.
Firstly did you give the wines a 2 hour decant and drink out of a burgundy glass (or at least something large). I work a yering station and know the village pinot well. Its a bit of a dog when its first opened up with an astringent finish due to the machine harvested portion. Ten minutes in the glass and it looking a lot better. Drunk out of a burgundy glass with a decant and I would give it a 92/93 (relative to Halliday)

The second issue is you preoccupation with "Burgundian Characters"
I've been lucky enough to visit burgundy a couple of time and while the oak influences are distinctively old world, the fruit characters are all about being distinctive of appellation. There is no such thing as burgundy fruit if you ask me! From the sounds of It you prefer more masculine styles of pinot and associate that with burgundian. New world pinot are generally more feminine in style due to their more fruitful nature so I can see why you would call it that way.

Of course to pose a different Question, Is there Decent masculine style pinot under $25 and the answer is unlikely.

Kim Brebach

Some excellent points there, Rob. I taste all the wines I review with and without food, over a couple of days, in a big glass. However, I'm the first to admit that wine is a fickle commodity - Pinot Noir more so than any other variety.

In Pinots, I look for those slightly off notes: the gamey, earthy, wet leaves, forest floor characters that I associate with good, mature Burgundies. Bit much to ask for in a $25 wine, I grant you that, but that's the point of this series.

I've just finished part 4, and will put it and my summary up on the blog in the next day or two.

I have another bottle of the Yering Village, and I'm happy to take another look.


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It comes down to food matching as well. Style 2 will suit a light pasta dish or mushroom risotto, style 3 might go better with small game birds and style 5 can stand up to a duck Confit or Cassoulet.

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