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Maria Wegner

Now that's what you call a road trip. In the end, the best kind of road trip is the kind that only needs the car and the open road, and of course, someone there with you. It's an adventure, more or less. Cars were made for transportation, after all, and what better way to use a car than to transport yourself to new experiences?

Kim Brebach

couldn't agree more, Maria.

Nicole Vickers

With regards to road trips, a camera is essential. There's nothing like looking back and seeing your journey through roads and cities, right? It's so cool that both transportation and recording tools are available to us, enabling to capture whatever sight we see in these trips.

Rita McCall

I see this as a “replay” of the journey that they took decades ago. It’s kind of rare to see individuals achieve such accomplishments these days. And what’s more impressive is that their VW Beetle looks good as new, and as if it’s ready to take on longer road trips whenever they want to. Let’s give credit to the owner, who did a great job of preserving the car, which wasn’t an easy task. It makes me wonder what the secret is for making it possible. Hmm…

Kim Brebach

Yes, Ivan has certainly taken car of that Beetle. Would you believe it's parked on the street most of the time? He's not short of money, mind you, so he's probably had it refurbished a couple of times.

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Taking a Beetle on a road trip makes the experience even more remarkable. It's no wonder they cherish their Beetle that way, as it has been with them since the early years of their marriage. It must be a lot of fun to drive a classic car like this as you discover a lot of new things.

Kim Brebach

Yes to all. They have a lot of fun, those two. In summer, they're always down near rotunda under one of those big old fig trees having a picnic with their family and grand children, or friends.

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