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The E-P1/GF1 were interesting novelties but today I see no reason to buy an 'EVIL' camera, especially these APS-C versions. The bodies are small - and un-ergonomic - but the lenses are massive. They require a clip on EVF, so say goodbye to flash, and they and their accessories are horrendously expensive.

After 2 years development this segment no longer interests me, so I'm (quite happily) concentrating on my DSLR system backed up with a compact. The X10 looks quite nice but it will again be too big to genuinely be called a compact, and by all accounts it will be overpriced.

Each to their own, but I'm glad to be free of GAS for once!

Kim Brebach

I agree, Matt. I think most of these EVIL cameras are bought for their novelty value. From a practical point of view, the lenses are a big problem. That's what I liked about the Canon SX230 HS I reviewed a few posts back - it fits into most pockets because that huge zoom lens retracts completely. It's about as good as it gets in pocket cameras

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