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Faye S.

Leica is a publically traded company. Andreas Kaufmann is not a philanthropist, he's the majority shareholder who has no history of being a business man. He's a former school teacher who inherited a great deal of money. The company survives because of it's generations of workers who have the skills and patience to create hand-made objects that stive to be excellent and because some people think that is valuable. YOu're right, a Leica is not going to make you a better photographer--the tools, except for the S2, which had the fomer CEO's expertise & innovation behind it's genesis, are not designed to be user friendly. However, a Leica might make you a more patient thoughtful one photographer.

Kim Brebach

Thanks for setting me straight, Faye. Notwithstanding what I said, I admire Leica for sticking to the old ways of doing things. It sure makes the brand stand out from the black sameness of the others. Still, I think the entry fee to the leica club is too high. The S2 is a wonderful concept for pro shooters. For the rest of us, that kind of money buys a nice new car.


Leica may be great, but I would never pay so much for any of their cameras. When I shoot film, I shoot with my old Praktica L with 50mm f/1.8 and a Pentacon 29mm f/2.8. Together, it's worth about 100$. Buying a Leica wouldn't change my photos, except that it would made my walled MUCH more lighter.

Others can go spend their dollars on this, I have more important things to do with my money.

Good post though, heh.

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Arnold M. Godo

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Arnold M. Godo

Arnold M. Godo

It is good to know that LEICA is still making quality cameras & lenses. And not just mixing in with the others. Some people, like myself, still think quality is in fashion and will always been in fashion till the day I die.

Kim Brebach

Arnold, I grant you that quality is its own reward and can give endless satisfaction just of itself. In this piece, I made a different point: in photography, expensive tools are no guarantee of quality output.

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