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So, the Nikkor's focal length is OK, while at the same time "the Tamron 60mm is simply too short to be useful as a macro or portrait lens" ?


Also judging from your other comments (eg. "he Nikon 85mm overlaps the Nikon 60mm (which works like a 90mm lens on a DX body)"), you seem to be under the misconception that the FOV (field-of-view) of a DX lens somehow differs from the FOV of an FX lens with the same focal length, when mounted on the same (DX) camera. That's just not true - they're exactly the same.

Hard to believe that someone who can take so nice photos would make such a mistake!

Anyway, thanks for the lens review. I always take user experience into account when researching for a new lens, so your post is much appreciated.

Kim Brebach

Thanks for clearing that up, Nik, this DX / FX thing always gives me headaches.I've amended the article - nice how you can re-write history in the cloud.

Nano Coating

Great post about micro nikkon 60 mm.

Kim Brebach

Thanks for the feedback, mate.

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