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Hi, I've read your post about the 18-135 (bigger isn't always better').

I'm looking at this lens for the same reasons you plug it - weight & versatility equation. (I have the 18-200VR, and while I like it for what it can do, sometimes it seems just too heavy on my D60).

What do you reckon is a fair price for a 2nd hand one?

Also, saw your sample shots for the 55-300 VR - what do you think of it?


the above post is of course about Nikon lenses ...

Kim Brebach

Peter, I bought a refurbed copy of the 18-135 from adorama for about $240. It's like a new one, so I think $200 - $250 should get you a good one.

The 55-300 VR is a better lens than I expected. The AF is a bit leisurly but everything else is pretty good for this price range, and once again it's smaller and lighter and easier to carry than the competing lenses.


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can you please confirm you can use thisa lens with a Nikon D5100

Kim Brebach

Yes, I can. It comes with an inbuilt AF motor

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